Core Mu

Offline 203


Cursed King Invasion!






Monster Atributes:
HP: 50000000
Monster Level: 250
Monster Atk: 8500
Monster Defense: 3000
Monster Element: Random

Respawn Times:

Server Time:

Duration 1 Hour.

Respawn Location:

Invasion Map Lorencia!

Coord: 140 220

Regular Drop 90% Rate:

Errtel of Anger
Errtel of Blessing
Errtel of Integrity
Errtel of Dinivity
Errtel of Radiance
Seed Sphere lvl 3
Myterious Stone
(Hero) Bloodangel Spirit
Rare Ticket 1
Rare Ticket 2
Condor Feather

Rare Drop 10% rate:

Garuda Feather
50x Golden Sentence
Archangel Weapons With 4 Excellent Options
380 Excellent Weapons with 3 Excellent Options



Published by Administrator, July 22, 2019
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